Meet Arlen Busenitz

Build relationships, deliver value & find a way to get the job done. That’s Arlen’s motto.  

Arlen is a Real Estate Advisor / Agent, Chief Operations Officer, and Speaker.

How Arlen can Help You

Arlen Busenitz is a Realtor in Destin Florida.

Real Estate Advisor

As a licensed agent in Florida, Arlen helps clients navigate the  waters of real estate to find investments or their dream home.



Having overcome a speech impediment as a child, Arlen has become a clear speaker with a unique ability to deliver life changing content in a practical way. 

  Arlen has spoken throughout the US and internationally. 

High Performance Coach


Few are living to their highest potential. Arlen has developed a framework help people take their personal and professional lives to new levels. 

Destin Dreamers

Arlen is Chief Operating Officer of Destin Dreamers, a luxury vacation management company in Destin, FL. Destin Dreamers help guests and owners Celebrate Life. Book a luxury vacation rental or invest in real estate Arlen and the  team are disrupting the industry.

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